Picture of Joshua Taitt

There is a creative path taken by every musician that is marked by a quest for a unique style reflecting their true identity as a musician. This innate desire for originality and uniqueness was the main driving force behind the creation of Taitt Guitars.

My name is Joshua Taitt and I am the owner/head luthier of Taitt guitars. This company is the final realization of a long held dream of mine. Being a musician at heart, I have been playing various instruments nearly my entire life. Music has always been a part of me and is at the heart of my passion and ambition.  

If we take a brief trip down memory lane, it’s 2007, Huntington Beach, California, my senior year in high school. As a requirement for graduation, we had to write a very detailed proposal report for starting a business of our choice. Then present our business idea in an attempt to get a “loan” to start that business. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was at this point that the idea of Taitt Guitars was born.

A number of years and many experiments later has brought me here, with a backlog of designs and a desire to refine and tweak those designs. I hope to pay homage to the past while looking forward to the future, all while I craft and define a trademark style and tone.

I want Taitt Guitars to reflect a unique sophistication and artistry providing beautiful heirloom quality instruments that will serve musicians for generations. I strive to use the highest quality materials available creating an unforgettable, unique, and yet familiar look and sound.

It is my dream that one of my creations will inspire you to craft your next sonic masterpiece; and that maybe, someday, that same instrument will be passed to the next generation inspiring them just as I hope it inspires you.