Current bench rate $30 per hour billed in 15 minute increments ($7.50 per 15 minute interval)

Services or repairs which do not have a fixed rate will be billed at the current bench rate. (minimum of 1 hour) The most common services and repairs have a fixed rate listed in the sections below.

Note: Some repairs or services can present unexpected complications and may require additional labor charges beyond the fixed rate, in those cases you will be contacted with a revised estimate.

Amplifier Servicing

We service the latest tube electronics as well as some of the oldest tube equipment you can get your hands on. We offer services from general maintenance and checkup to complete rebuilds and modifications.

Our expertise is with tube based guitar amps, however if a solid state guitar/bass amp manufacturer makes documentation and any unique parts available, we can handle those as well. Because of this we take solid state amplifiers on a case by case basis only.

Amplifier Diagnosis: Includes a visual examination, basic circuit tests, troubleshooting, and tube testing of all tubes in the amplifier(if applicable), as well as an estimate for repair. If repairs are completed by Taitt Guitars the diagnostic fee will be put towards the first hour of repair. In the event service is declined, you are still responsible for the diagnostic fee.

Note: Keep in mind that it is common to find other issues once we are into your equipment in addition to the primary issue. If any secondary issues exceed the original estimated cost of repair you will be contacted with a revised estimate before work continues.

Repairs are billed in 15 minute increments at our current bench rate plus parts.

Diagnosis Fee: $50

Effects Pedals

We Also service many effects pedals, but as with all solid state devices its on a case by case basis based on part availability.

Minumum 1 hour Labor + Plus Parts

Instrument Servicing

Restring and Tune

Remove old strings, tighten loose hardware, light cleaning and polish of guitar, install new strings, stretch strings, tune to pitch, full truss rod adjustment, and adjust any equipped tremolo. Cost of strings not included.

Guitar/Bass  $35 – with other work $25
12-string Guitar $45 – with other work $35
Classical Guitars and Mandolins $40 – with other work $30
Floyd Rose Tremolo Equipped $45 – with other work $35


Includes everything in our restring and Tune, plus: light polish of hardware, clean and testing of the electronics, replacement of battery if needed (battery not included), clean and condition fretboard, polish frets to remove minor scratches pits and corrosion, light fret end dressing where needed, cleaning of the entire guitar, adjust saddle height and radius (where applicable), adjust intonation, adjust pickup height (where applicable), and full inspection. Cost of strings not included.

Note: Action, pickup height ect. are set to our shop standard unless customer has desired settings. Shop standards listed below.

Shop Standards

Electric guitar
Neck relief – 0.01”
Action – bass side 0.070” treble side 0.060”
Nut height – 0.002”
Pickup height – bass side 0.120” treble side 0.100”

Acoustic Guitar
Neck relief – 0.01”
Action – bass side 0.100” treble side 0.080”
Nut height – 0.002”

Neck relief – 0.012”
Action – bass side 0.100” treble side 0.080”
Nut height – 0.003”
Pickup height – bass side 0.120″ treble side 0.100″

Neck relief – flat
Action – bass side 0.05″ treble side 0.04″
Nut height – bass side 0.0015″ treble side 0.001″
Pickup height – bass side 0.120″ treble side 0.100″

Standard Guitars
Hard Tails, Les Pauls, Teles, Strats, 4-string Basses, Ukulele, Acoustic 6-strings, Classical Acoustics, 6-string Basses, 5-string Basses
with other work

Other Instruments & More Complex Guitars
Tremolo equipped Guitars, 12-string guitars, 7-string Electrics, Jaguars & Jazzmasters
With other work

Mandolin or Archtop
Includes the cost of fitting the bridge to the top if required
With other work


Note: Fret leveling and re-fret work requires a setup.

All prices are for non cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge.

Note: we do not do partial re-frets and we will not use customer provided fretwire under any circumstances.

We typically re-fret using Jescar Stainless Steel fretwire only, and do not usually work with traditional alloy fretwire. We feel that the benefits of stainless steel fretwire make the extra work worth it in the long run. But if requested we will happily use Jescar traditional nickel silver fretwire.

A poor re-fret can ruin a guitar (or bass). The extra work involved in repairing the damage done by poor fretwork is considerable. Our price for fretwork reflects the time and care needed to do an exceptional job. You should take this into consideration when comparing quotes. Below is a brief description of what goes into one of our fret jobs.

What goes into one of our re-frets

The instrument will be assessed to ensure it actually needs a re-fret and not just a level, re-crown and polish, or even just a good setup. Then assuming a re-fret is needed, the size of fretwire required is discussed with the customer. Fretwire comes in a verity of widths, heights, and profiles; and should be chosen to best match your particular instrument and playing style. The strings will then be removed and where possible the neck will be removed from the instrument. If the neck cannot be removed then the body of the instrument will be masked off to protect the finish before work starts.

The old frets will then be removed. This process takes great care to avoid damage to the fretboard. Unfortunately this is very instrument dependent, it can vary from easy to near impossible to remove the frets without some damage; and any damage will later need to be repaired. After the frets have been removed the fret slots then need to be cleaned and depending on their condition may need to be repaired or even rebuilt.

At this point the fretboard can be leveled, thoroughly cleaned, and any damage repaired. The chosen fretwire is then run through a tool designed to bend the wire into a matching radius to the fretboard. This prepared fretwire is then cut to individual lengths, cleaned and prepared to be installed in the fretboard. A small amount of hide glue is then run in the fret slot before the fret is placed and finally pressed into the slot. This glue is not there to hold the fret in the slot but to fill any empty space between the fret and the fretboard for better sound transfer. The instrument is then set aside for at least 24 hours to allow the wood of the fingerboard to settle in and to give time for the glue to fully dry.

The fret ends are then trimmed and filed flush to the edge of the fingerboard. For non bound fretboards the fret ends are then sealed.  The fret ends are then beveled and we move on to a fret level and re-crown. Followed by dressing the fret ends and finally polishing them to a high shine.

Dress fret ends $50
Full fret level + Recrown + Polish $160 + setup

Full Re-fret  $350 + setup
Full Re-fret /Lacquered Maple $400 + setup

Note: It may not be possible to do a re-fret on a lacquered maple fingerboard without needing at minimum a touch up if not a full respray of the fingerboard. Great care will be taken to avoid damage but lacquer by nature especially old lacquer can be very brittle and tends to chip when the frets are removed.

Restore/Replace Gibson Binding Nubs  add $200
New Nut if Required add $60
12-string/Mandolin $80

Repair Loose Frets $10 per fret

Repair Fretboard Damage – billed flat rate in 15 minute intervals at current bench rates: minimum 1 hour.

Nut Work

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance. Prices do not include finish touchup or nut blanks; lacquered-over nuts will be replaced as carefully as possible to leave a clean result. Cosmetic repair options may be available at an additional charge. We make all of our nuts from scratch with high quality bone blanks which come in both bleached white or a more vintage looking unbleached.

4-string $70 + setup
6-string $70 + setup
12-string $90 + setup
Mandolin $90 + setup

Saddle Work

Saddle or bridge replacement requires a setup with new strings. Note that most Gibson style tune-o-matic saddles and bridges do not come with a string notch and will be subject to the additional charge. Prices are for direct replacement only and do not include routing, drilling or replacement of anchors, ask for an estimate for such services. Parts not included.

Replace Saddle Guitar or Bass $6 per saddle + setup
Tune-O-Matic (Gibson) $10 per saddle + setup

Notch Saddles $5 each

Replace all saddles

Surface Mount Bridge $30 + setup
Telecaster Bridge $40 + setup
Synchronized Tremolo (2 point) $30 + setup
Synchronized Tremolo (6 point) $35 + setup
Locking Tremolo (Floyd) $45 + setup
Floating Bridge (Archtop, Mandolin) Sanded to Match Top Contour $65 + setup

A setup is required for saddle replacement. All of our saddle replacements are hand made from a high quality bone blank. These blanks come in either bleached white or an unbleached more vintage cream.

Guitar/Bass $60 + setup
Ukelele $25 + setup
Floating Bridge (Archtop, Mandolin) Sanded to Match Top Contour $80 + setup

Component Replacement

All component replacements are subject to a base service charge plus the charge for the specific component (cost of parts not included). The base price is one time only; if multiple components are being replaced, the base price is only charged once. Archtop guitars without easy access to the control cavity must have the entire control harness removed through the F-hole, these situations are subject to an extra charge, noted below.

Base Price $20
Archtop Guitar Without Electronics Access + $35
Requires New Mounting Hole in Plastic Pick Guard + $10
Requires New Mounting Hole in Solid Body + $15

Output Jack + $15 + parts
Control Pot + $15 + parts
Pickup Selector Switch (Gibson style) + $20 + parts
Pickup Selector Switch (Fender style) + $30 + parts
Fender Super Switch + $50 + parts
Mini Switch + $20 + parts
Push-Pull Pot + $35 + parts
Kill Switch + $10 + parts
9V Battery Clip + $10 + parts
Battery Box (Direct Replacement) + $15 + parts

Pickup Replacement

Prices are for direct replacement pickups and do not include routing or modification of the body

1 Pickup $50 + parts
2 Pickups $80 + parts
3 Pickups $100 + parts

Semi-hollow Body (No Access) add $35
4 Conductor Wiring With Switching (Mini Switch or Push Pull Pot) add $15

Pickup Installation - Active Pickup Conversion

Switching from passive pickups to active pickups requires installation of control pots, output jack, and a battery. Prices do not include routing or modifications to the body.

Telecaster Style – 2 Pickups, 2 Pots, 1 Jack, 1 Battery quick connect $90 – solder $120
Stratocaster Style – 3 Pickups, 3 Pots, 1 Jack, 1 Battery quick connect $110 – solder $140
Les Paul Style – 2 Pickups, 4 Pots, 1 Jack, 1 Battery quick connect $130 – Solder $160

Acoustic Pickups

Installation of an under saddle pickup will raise the instruments action slightly; prices include lowering the saddle to compensate for this unless otherwise requested.
Note: Prices do not include any routing or body modifications if needed.

Install New Under Saddle or Contact Pickup with Endpin Jack
Install New Sound Hole Pickup with Endpin Jack $60
Install Floating Bridge Pickup for Mandolin or Archtop Guitar $70

Pickguard Replacement

Prices are for premade pickguards not requiring modifications or drilling. Custom pick guards may be available contact us for a quote.

Floating Pickguards (Les Paul, Archtops) $10
Stratocaster Style $50
Acoustic Guitar (Removal + Install) $65

New Mounting Holes add $10

Miscellaneous Installs and Services

Install New Strap Button or Strap Lock $5 each + parts
Dowel and Re-drill Loose Strap Button $15 each + parts

Tuning Machine Replacement

Doweling does not include finish repair; cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge. Restringing or setup is required for replacement.

6-String Guitar $35 + restring or setup
4-String Bass $25 + restring or setup
12 – String Guitar $60 + restring or setup

Requires Additional Reaming of Tuner Hole + $20
Requires Doweling of Tuner Hole $15 per tuner
Requires Doweling of Set Screw Holes + $20
Requires Drilling New Set Screen Holes + $20

Structural Repairs

All structural repairs are billed at the current bench rate.

The minimum approvals listed below represent the typical cost of a non-cosmetic repair in a best case scenario. These prices are not a firm quote and may be revised. The customer will be contacted if the cost will exceed the minimum approval rates.

Broken Headstock Minor (Partially Attached, Easy Alignment) $100 + setup
Broken Headstock Major (Fully Detached) $180 + setup
Brace Repair Minor (Loose or Cracked Brace) $60
Brace Repair Major (Fully Detached or Loose in Multiple Areas) $90
Crack Repair Minor (Closed Crack, Easy Alignment) $60
Crack Repair Major (Open Crack Requiring Humidity or Splint) $180


Mini Switch Drilling $15 each
Pickups $55 each
Electronics Cavity $60 and up
Routing for Bridges $45 and up
Route for Floyd Rose Bridge $245
Route for Strat Style Tremolo $175
Battery Boxes $60
Custom Routing Billed at Current Bench Rate Minimum 1 Hour